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Finding Peace Lookbook


Starting as a way to practice my watercolour portrait skills, 'Finding Peace' established itself without me even realising. There was a story, or perhaps a series of stories, that I hadn't realised I needed to tell. It's been a chaotic couple of years for the world, and all that time in lockdowns with our world changing around us had me searching for peace a lot, I'm sure I'm not alone in that. 


I'm so proud and excited to share my first official collection with you. Below you will find each of the artworks I've created in this collection, up close and in detail. You'll see their story, size and how much they cost. 

They are now live and available for purchase on my shop! 

This collection has been a beautiful journey for me and has surprised me with moments of self-reflection. I found that in each artwork I was either telling a story, capturing a moment or feeling, or creating space for you to find your own story. I really hope you can engage with these artworks I've created.

So please enjoy below my stories, your stories, the stories of the women you love, as we each search for peace in our lives. 



The start of this collection, Contemplation was created to start a story in your mind, to make you think. Who is this woman? Where is she in that dress? What is she thinking about. I have a story, what's yours? 


A5 artwork (148 x 210mm)  



I created this artwork after a big, high pressure couple of months, seeking the calmness and innocence of childhood, the peacefulness of nature. 

This artwork embodies so many (perhaps cliché) symbols: peace, youth, nature, sunrise.

What stands out for you when you look at this artwork? 

A5 artwork (148 x 210mm)


Grandmother earth

At this point in the collection I wanted to be more diverse in the stories I was telling.

To me, this woman has had a life filled with joy, sure hard times too because we can't escape that, but I feel like she holds close those moments of joy and peace. Isn't that something we should all try to do?

A4 artwork (210 x 297mm)


A safe embrace

I knew that this was a story I wanted to tell, the safety and peace of a mother's embrace. Hugs from mum have a way of calming my heart, she knows just what I need, even when I don't. I was really deliberate with this artwork, finding the right image, using soothing colours.

Can you see the story in this artwork?

A4 artwork (210 x 297mm)



This artwork embodies power to me (hence the title).

I love how simple this artwork is, yet how she embodies this aura of confidence. 

Have you ever felt so confident and sure in yourself that nothing can change that? I believe that knowing and embracing who you are is another way of finding peace.

A5 artwork (148 x 210mm)



I knew I couldn't finish this collection without an artwork that depicted this moment. I love reading and it's even better in a cozy nook.

I love the escape that books provide, it's like art for me, where you get so caught up you lose awareness of your surroundings. Sometimes, this is where I go to find peace. What about you?

A5 artwork (148 x 210mm)



The final artwork is the last story I felt I needed to tell with this collection. Beautiful friendships we find with other strong women where you feel accepted, like you can just be yourself.

Be they for a season or a lifetime, these friendships should be treasured. 

A4 artwork (210 x 297mm)

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